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South Africa has a perfect climate to take advantage of the suns free energy. The use of a solar water heating system will save the consumer on a typical households biggest energy expense - it's Geyser, which contributes up to 50% of a households electrical bill.

At 1A Solar and Plumbing we understand the importance of using sustainable energy and offer forward thinking, professional and reliable solutions for all aspects of solar and plumbing.

We also supply and install other household products that will reduce your electricity usage daily and save you significant amounts of money! 

Geyserwise: Intelligent geyser controllers saving you up to 30% on water heating costs. Control your geyser from your palm with the controller with loads of extra features that will save you time and money.

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We offer a wide variety of services and solutions for all aspects of solar water heating and plumbing.


There are many positives to opting for solar, and different systems available, each having it's advantages and disadvantages.

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I had spent thousands of Rands on a new solar system thinking it would save me on my escalating electricity bills. For 3 months I barely saw a saving and my water was not heating properly , the reputable company who installed it said they had no idea why the water was'nt heating and blamed it on a poor choice of system. I called 1A Solar & Plumbing who came out and pin pointed the problems in a matter of minutes. Their service was amazing and a day later the system was working perfectly and finally I'm seeing the rewards of solar. Thanks Chris and Rich for your professional and friendly service.

- Juan Kilian , De Tyger , Cape Town